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about the author

Hans Gerard Moleman was a foreign correspondent in Africa and China for over fifteen years.

While based in Johannesburg, South Africa, he witnessed African companies and workers struggling with new competition from rising China.

After moving to Shanghai he saw a rapid rise of Chinese labour costs. Multinational companies began to look for other locations for low cost production -both in Asia and Africa.

Which African countries would be able to make use of that, he wondered when he left China in 2012. Ethiopia says it plans to copy China. Will it?

Before moving to Africa and Asia, Hans worked at the economics desk and as reporter at large for the Volkskrant newspaper in Amsterdam and Dutch national news agency ANP.

He has written two books. De Rode Miljardair, about the rise of Jack Ma and his internet company Alibaba (Lias Publishers, 2015), and Avonturen in modern China, a collection of stories published by the Volkskrant in 2005.

In 2012 he moved back to Europe with his wife Petra, daughter Maxine and their dog Xiaohe. From Maastricht he now works on local and international projects.